I've written for Geekadelphia for more than four years, curating the popular weekly Kickstarter feature and covering the gaming beat, including local indies and mega-publishers alike. Geekadelphia hosts events, runs contests and giveaways, and is the guide to all things geek in the City of Brotherly Love. 

PhiLADELPHIA Geek Awards

Project Manager

An annual awards ceremony honoring the vibrant Philadelphia geek scene, started by members of Geekadelphia. Over the four years I've worked on the Philly Geek Awards, my role has grown from co-producer to managing the web team to acting as project manager for the entire Awards team. Philly is awesome, and I couldn't be more proud of our crew.

Awesome Foundation

Founding TRUSTEE - Philly

The Awesome Foundation is a micro-funding organization with chapters in more than 25 US cities, and has chapters in countries around the world. Each month, we provide micro-grants to whatever seems like it will bring the most amount of awesomeness into the world. Grants are provided with no strings attached and no ownership claim over supported projects.